About Jimmie

Hi guys. Welcome to my blog.

I’m Jimmie, my friends call me Papad, and I’ve been in the HVAC industry since the day I stuffed a transformer into a condenser. ┬áMy dad literally had me take the whole unit apart, extract my toy, and rebuild the equipment.

I found that I had an aptitude for mechanics and I pursued it in the context of the HVAC industry.

It’s been decades since that transformer incident and now I look back at my years in the industry and all that I’ve learned along the way.

This blog is basically a forum for getting information out there. I have guys–and some gals–who come up to me all the time and ask questions. I decided to either write articles or find other peoples’ articles and post them here. Not because I don’t want to talk to people but I think it helps to have a resource where they can read up on whatever they want to.

Hopefully this scratches your itch for information, too.

Use the contact form to ask me questions or leave comments.