What Factors Go Into Deciding The Right Landscape Improvements For Your Property?

Whether you’re looking to redesign and spruce up a place you just bought, make over a place you’ve been for some time, or enhance a property you’re about to sell, many factors have to be weighed in the process of deciding the right landscape improvements for your property. Keep reading to find out what some are.

Your Budget: How much money you plan on spending on your landscape improvements will limit your options, or possibly open them up.

The Size Of The Area: How much yard you get landscaped often dictates a lot of how the money gets spent.

Privacy Matters: If you want to use landscaping to keep prying eyes out of your yard or windows, you’ll need to strategically place particular trees and shrubs.

Maintenance Logistics: Unless you’re doing extreme xeriscaping, your yard will need some kind of recurring maintenance. Know how much you’re willing to do, or at least what you’re willing to pay for.

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Gardening Or Not: Having landscaping done to cultivate gardening is far different from a yard that’s just relaxing and looks nice or is a place to chill out and socialize or get sun.

HOA Bylaws: The neighborhood you live in might have bylaws stating how much plants should be watered, as well as what you can and can’t do with your yard. Some homeowners find this restrictive, but others like how it maintains a community’s cohesive look and property values.

Water Restrictions: Many communities have serious restrictions on how much water a home can use total, and others have rules in place about what can be used for watering plants. This is common in Western states, arid regions, and places afflicted by drought often.

Your Climate: Even if there aren’t water restrictions, you might not have free reign to plant anything you want. Plants have defined ranges of tolerance for specific hardiness zones, and going outside of them might mean seeing your plants die within a year. Also, even if something can make it in your climate, it might need so much care and water, that it’s just not worth it.

Landscape improvements can make your home look more refreshing and inviting, get you to spend more time outdoors, or just keep certain pests out of your yard while inviting in butterflies. Balance all of these considerations so you take a measured and practical approach to the landscape you want surrounding your home.