5 Ways To Increase The Value Of Your House

increase home valueSmart Investments to Increase Home Value

Not satisfied with the property valuation you received for your house? There are a number of ways to increase house value that are simple and inexpensive.

You Can Do These

Paint It

A new lick of paint can renew even the oldest houses. Check out what the current trending paint colors and techniques are and apply these to your home. Don’t just pay attention to the walls. Cupboards, closets, ceilings, roof and floor can all benefit from a coat of paint and add value to the bottom line of your home, both in and out of doors. A good paint job will also make your property more attractive to a greater number of potential buyers.

Do Repairs

Every home, no matter how new or old can do with some small repairs that could influence the property price. Walk through your house and write out a snag list as if you were considering buying the home. Perform the small repairs that you can take care of yourself and hire a handyman to take care of the more complicated tasks.

Plant a Nice Yard

A messy, untended yard will detract from your property value. Plant flowers, bushes and trees and ensure that your lawn is in tip top shape. Cut back or remove any trees or plants that have become overgrown and may affect the light exposure in the garden as well as the home.

If you an afford it, get a professional landscaper to plan and create a stunning garden for you. While this may be a costly exercise in the short term, it can add great value to your property over the long run, ensuring that your yard is a feature of the property.

Hire Someone to Do These

Inspection Certificates

Providing your home valuation expert and potential buyers with plumbing, electrical, building and termite inspection certificates will give them the peace of mind that all these elements within the home meet with the necessary codes and standards. If you do not supply these certificates, it could negatively impact the valuation of the home.

Should the inspector detect faults, it is important to make the necessary repairs or alterations before having your property valuated. Also provide any guarantees or warranties for any recent renovations for labor, materials and fixtures.

Upgrade Kitchen And Bathrooms

The kitchen has been identified as the greatest selling point for potential buyers and is therefore most likely to affect your house value. Make sure that all appliances are updated and that your kitchen is a feature in your home.

Bathrooms should also get some extra attention ensuring that they are clean, hygienic and have all the latest fixtures and accessories. Contact an interior design expert who specializes in kitchen and bathroom renovation and remodeling to ensure that these two areas add the greatest value.

Keep in mind that the location of your property and the selling prices of properties in your area are the primary factor affecting your house value. So do some research into how much properties near you have sold for and present these for your home valuation.