Who Can Upgrade My Cabinets?

No matter how much you love your home, there are many situations that might cause you to want to enhance it a bit. Maybe you just moved in and want to get the place looking like you want it and not as it was bought. You might be on the opposite end of the spectrum and be considering how to get better resale value for it. It’s equally possible that you’re just ready for a new look.

Bathrooms and kitchens are common places for renovations, and as you look over them, you might find one particular though landing in your mind: Who can upgrade my cabinets?

Cabinet upgrades make a lot of sense as renovations considering how much room they take up. Not only are they a major storage element of very heavily used rooms, but they are a central part of the decor of those rooms. In fact, the color and material of the cabinets is easily the central component of the decor of a kitchen.

upgrade my cabinets

So, who can actually go about upgrading your cabinets? You have choices. You can tackle it yourself if you want. If you’re not going to be redoing utility connections and plumbing fixtures, taking out or putting up new cabinetry is a beast of a project, but something an intrepid family or do-it-yourselfer can tackle solo. You’ll also find all you need at your local home improvement or hardware store, which might even have occasional weekend workshops that can guide you through the process. Online websites and video tutorials are also very useful in such matters.

You can also call in professional renovators and contracting businesses to handle matters, especially if they have construction and interior design experience. Getting multiple bids means you can talk to a number of options and get a feel for who you might trust with your home and money.

In between, you might find individual contractors or even people you know that did the work in their own homes. You can possibly invite them to do your work or help you. Just make sure that you make some kind of deal or trade that makes it well worth their time and energy, whether it’s paying them or doing babysitting and yard work for six months.

The next time you look around your kitchen, pantry, or bathroom and wonder ‘who can upgrade my cabinets?’, you’ll know how to answer that question for yourself!